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Specialized Dental Care For Children


Pedo Pearlz is an advanced super specialty dental clinic specialized to provide comprehensive dental treatment dedicated to children from infants through teens, with emphasis on hygiene, comfort, and personalized care.


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Specialized Dental Clinic For Infants, Toddlers, kids, Children, Teens & Special Children

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As a chief pediatric dentist of Pedo Pearlz Dental clinic Located In JP Nagar, We provide primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence.

Pedodontist is an age-defined specialty, I treat children from ages six months to 21 years, including those with special health care needs, using child-friendly techniques for dental treatments to help the child establish good oral health from an early age.

I always believe in educating the child’s parents to ensure their child performs a proper oral hygiene routine, and will also discuss treatment plans for the future, while teeth are still in development, with utmost care of understanding on The child’s dental needs, their emotional and intellectual maturity, and the parent’s preferences.

- Dr. Manisha Agarwal



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At PedoPearlz you get a comprehensive list of dental treatments. check-ups, braces, routine and emergency dentistry for children of all ages, infants, children, teenagers & Special Children.

“Our Dental Clinic is located in JP Nagar”

Up To 5 Years

Dental Treatments
For Infants & Toddlers

Healthy teeth are important to your baby’s overall health. They help your baby eat and form sounds and words. They also affect the way your baby’s jaw grows. Good oral care helps set good dental habits as your baby grows.

5 To 13 Years

Dental Treatments
For Kids & Children

Care for teeth of children at young age is important. Setting the stage for good oral health care throughout their entire life. They can avoid many problems that result from poor oral wellness, like gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

13 To 21 Years

Dental Treatments
For Teenagers

As adolescents transition into teenagers and young adults, new oral health risks come into play. Dental care is extremely important ,They often neglect the care of their teeth due to a busy schedule, school, sports social activities and jobs.

Special Needs

Dental Treatments
For Special Children

Patients with cognitive conditions require special consideration when receiving dental treatment. This can include people with autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, spinal cord injuries and other conditions or injuries.