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Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Correction

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Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Correction

Kids can be shy and embarrassed about how they smile, especially if they have disoriented, cracked, or under-developed teeth, which is why fixing their dental issues at the right time can help boost their confidence and self-esteem. At Pedo Pearlz, we provide a host of options to help restore your child’s teeth’ integrity and improve their smile for the best through Smile Correction and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Here are some of the smile correction/cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer:

Fillings: These are most commonly used to restore decay. Once the tooth decay is cleaned and removed, the teeth’ layers are applied with fillers – post which they are shaped and polished as per the tooth’s existing color.

Bondings: Tooth bonding is a procedure where a tooth-colored composite resin is applied to one or more teeth to repair the damage. This can help restore the missing tooth structure or cover defects like discoloration, irregular spacing, and chips. 

Crowns: Crowns are a tooth-shaped cap made from composite material used to cover mostly damaged, cracked, or chipped teeth. Crowns can protect teeth that are deeply damaged by tooth decay. They can also protect the teeth that are at high risk of the cavity (especially in autistic kids or kids with DS where it’s hard for them to keep up with the daily oral hygiene). Crowns can help strengthen the integrity of the tooth and can last for several years.

Teeth whitening: If your kids are bothered by their teeth’ color, then this is an option to consider after consulting with a pediatric dentist. This can be especially useful when the teeth are discolored after plaque, tartar, where debris gets collected on the teeth. Though this is a very common procedure, it’s best to act in the safest manner possible, especially with kids. 

Veneers: These are custom made composite resin that covers the front surface of the teeth. They are generally used for teeth that have large fillings or for underdeveloped teeth. They can help improve teeth that are chipped, misaligned, uneven, or irregularly spaced.