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Minor oral surgical procedures (laser)

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Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

Since last two decades, the use of laser in dentistry evolved in an immense way. Although soft-tissue laser was initially introduced, but with invention of new-generation laser, it is now widely used on dental hard tissue as well. 

Treating a pediatric patient with laser for oral and dental procedure is beneficial as it is less fearful to the child and better accepted by parents. When a clinician uses the laser for surgical or pulpal procedure, children become more cooperative and thus enhances treatment outcome. It is used for caries prevention, early diagnosis, cavity restoration, management of traumatized teeth, and minor oral surgical procedure in child patients. Although the use of laser may produce certain hazards and need some precautions, its use in pediatric dental practice seems to soon become the gold standard.

How laser can help in pediatric dentistry.

Due to its immense benefits, laser technology is now widely used in dentistry. It improves the quality and comfort in the dental treatment of your child.

  • Minimal Invasive and bloodless dental surgeries: This is one of the major advantages of using laser for kids’ dental procedures as it eliminates the need for a knife and makes the whole procedure bloodless and minimal to no invasion. Hence it also eliminates the need for sutures.
  • Painless: It makes the procedure painless and in most cases, even anesthesia is not required. This is very helpful in treating kids. 
  • Quick: Laser treatments are quicker than traditional surgeries hence one of the best options for kids with limited coping ability. 
  •  Faster and Better Healing: Due to its non-invasive nature the damage to tissues is very less hence the post-treatment healing is quick.
  • Reduce the risk of infection: The laser sterilizes the treatment area and reduces the risk of infection.